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If you can view your CCTV cameras online chances are so can others 99% of CCTV installed in the UK is installed by CCTV installers not computer experts UK CCTV work alongside computer experts to be able to secure your CCTV online and stop hackers and criminals using your CCTV against you.  Unbeknown to you, your CCTV can be used by burglars to monitor you giving them valuable knowledge of your movements. There are numerous websites that have been set up that display people’s private CCTV for the purpose of voyeurism. 

UK CCTV Services

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Our experienced IT professionals have over 15 years of CCTV cyber expertise and can check your system and fix any vulnerabilities. This is a unique service only offered by UK CCTV Services  developed by us over a period of 10 years to address the problem of CCTV cyber security. 

Commercial CCTV Security

If you need a more detailed overview on how we can diagnose potential  security vulnerabilities in the most sensitive aspect of your business your CCTV and the implementation of a strategy to resolve any issues we may discover  please do not hesitate to contact us 0800 288 4761

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