This brutal street attack was caught on CCTV – police say they ‘have exhausted every line of enquiry open to them at this stage’

“I could have been killed. They kicked me unconscious….then when I came too, attacked me again.”

Horrific CCTV footage has captured a brutal robbery in which a victim was left for dead.

Greater Manchester Police have described the attack as “vicious” but say there is insufficient evidence to identify the attackers.

In the clip, car valeter, Gareth Stone, 30, is kicked and stamped on ten times during the attack outside his home in Ashton-under-Lyne.

He was is punched numerous times and passes out. When he comes too he is attacked again with a kick to he head.

The two thugs who battered Gareth stole his black iPhone 7 plus.

Gareth Stone and partner, Karina Taylor. He was the victim of a brutal robbery which was caught on CCTV, but police have dropped the investigation.

He had the key in the door of his home in Wood Street when they pounced from behind.

“I had been at The Feathers pub with my partner, Karina. It was raining and I said I would walk home while she went to a kebab shop with a friend.

“Two males walked past me the opposite way. Then they stood talking for about 30 seconds before approaching me from behind then hitting me and stamping on me.

“I lost consciousness. and then when I came round they came back and hit me again.

“I could have been killed. They left me for dead. This was being treated as a section 18 wounding and robbery.

“After they robbed me, I got up, and went into my home and sat down – then the enormity of what they had done hit me.

“I don’t believe it was targeted, just opportunist.”

A passerby lent Gareth a phone to call police after the attack at 10pm on January 26th this year.

Gareth said: “I suffered bruising to my ribs and hip and was later hospitalised with confusion due to concussion. For two weeks after my boss picked me up from work and dropped me off, I was so edgy, and anxious.”

He located CCTV footage himself captured by a nearby business and alerted police to it.

Gareth says when the investigation appeared to be stalling he visited the offices of his local MP, Angela Raynor, a contender for deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Two police community support offices then turned up to watch the footage.

Gareth said: “I understand that police examined CCTV footage from council cameras in the town and from pubs and bars – but I was informed about a week a go that the case was being dropped.

“I think it is disgraceful that it is being dropped. At one point a police officer visited me. He looked at the attack footage and said they couldn’t do anything, as it was too grainy.

“But they need catching, I could have died.”

A GMP spokesperson said: “This was a vicious attack and Greater Manchester Police treats incidents of this kind with the utmost seriousness.

“Extensive enquiries have been carried out and, unfortunately, we have so far been unable to identify the offenders.

“Though officers have exhausted every line of enquiry open to them at this stage, we will act on intelligence so anyone with information which could help us identify those responsible, should contact police on 101 quoting 3211 of 26/0120.”

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