Watch the disturbing moment a driver steers into a cyclist as they overtake

This is the disturbing moment a driver steered into a cyclist as they went to overtake them.

The incident was captured on a car dash cam and released by Norfolk Police on Twitter.

The video shows a cyclist riding along the road – instead of on the cycle path next to it.

A red car goes to overtake the cyclist, before braking and steering straight into the path of the cyclist.

The cyclist is knocked to the side but manages to steady himself and stay on his bike.

According to Norfolk Police, the driver was charged with dangerous driving and handed a 12-month driving ban and ordered to pay a fine of over £300.

Dash cam footage captured the driver steering into the cyclist’s path (Image: Norfolk Police)

The video split opinion on Twitter with some arguing that the cyclist should have been using the cycle path and others insisting that the driver should have received a longer sentence.

“People get away with using their cars as a weapon where if it was a gun, a knife, or a baseball bat, they would go to prison,” one said.

Another asked: “What was this not assault?”

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