CCTV Show’s man pulling into driveway, droping his trousers and goes to the toilet on a doorstep

This is the grim moment a man pulled up outside a business and did a ‘big p**’ on the doorstep in Tameside.

In the footage, the man reverses his car, wanders round to the front of the building then drops his trousers before depositing human waste at the entrance.

Horrified staff arrived for work on William Street, Ashton, on Monday morning (December 9) and found the yucky substance wrapped in toilet paper.

They looked back on CCTV and found footage of the culprit carrying out the unpleasant act at 10.30am on Saturday morning.

He then drove away from the scene.

A female staff member, who didn’t want to be named, said: “The lads came in on Monday morning and found a big p** in front of the door.

“They came in and checked CCTV. I came in and saw it on Tuesday. I was like ‘what’s he doing?'”

The man pulled up before carrying out the disgusting act

The woman said the footage showed it was a premeditated incident as the man came with his own toilet roll.

He could have easily used the facilities at a BP garage nearby.

“We have no idea why (he would do it). We want to know why, it’s very strange.

“It’s the way he pulls up outside the building and then reverses. People don’t stop outside really.”

“We know it’s nothing to do with the business. Even if it was it’s still no excuse.

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