Wife’s secret camera catches husband deliberately poisoning her every time he made a cup of coffee during ‘ugly divorce’

A MAN caught poisoning his wife’s coffee on CCTV she set up after falling ill when he made her drinks has been jailed for just 60 DAYS.

Brian Kozlowski spiked disgruntled wife Therese’s morning cuppa with more than 5,000-times the recommended dosage of allergy medicine.

 Brian Kozlowski began spiking his wife Therese's coffee after she filed for divorce in May 2018
Brian Kozlowski began spiking his wife Therese’s coffee after she filed for divorce in May 2018Credit: Facebook
 Hidden cameras captured Kozlowski tipping allergy medication into his wife's coffee
Hidden cameras captured Kozlowski tipping allergy medication into his wife’s coffee

He began regularly poisoning her with antihistamine drug Diphenhydramine after she filed for divorce in May 2018.

She grew suspicious after repeatedly feeling nauseous moments after taking a drink that he had made for her – and set up hidden cameras to catch him.

CCTV caught Kozlowski – the father of Therese’s three children – tampering with her coffee at their home in Macomb Township, Michigan.

The last cup of coffee he made her was later analysed and found to contain 127ml of Diphenhydramine, WXYZ News reports.


The recommended dose of Diphenhydramine is just 25mg – 5,080-times smaller, assuming the liquid drug has the density of water.

After making the shocking discovery, Therese moved out in July 2018 and contacted her divorce lawyer.

Describing her horror in an emotional victim impact statement, a tearful Therese told the court: “I felt a horrible coldness in the air as if I was hunted by a dangerous predator, but in this nightmare, the predator was Brian.

“I fell to my knees and cried.”

Therese also claimed their daughter had once accidentally drunk some of the tainted coffee.

And she said she once nearly fell asleep at the wheel on her way to work because of the drowsy effects of the drug.


Kozlowski, who appeared in court wearing a blue button-down shirt and tie, was stony-faced as he listened to the testimony of his wife of 22 years.

He entered a plea deal with prosecutors that led to him pleading guilty on Wednesday to a felony charge of poisoning.

The dad-of-three would have faced up to 15 years in prison had the case gone to trial – and under the deal expected to be jailed for 19 to 38 months.

But prosecutors were shocked when the judge sentenced Kozlowski to just 60 days in prison – which will only be served on weekends.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith described the sentence as “a slap in the face of the victim and the justice system in general.”

He vowed to launch an appeal.

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