The shocking moment a man rams a stolen BMW into a police car… then gets caught

This is the moment a man who rammed into a police car during a chase fled from his stolen vehicle.

Drew McWilliam, of Cotefield Road, Wythenshawe, has been jailed after he was caught driving dangerously on October 29, last year.

In a clip released by GMP McWilliam can be seen running away from the stolen BMW at Lancaster Services, off the M6, after he was being chased by officers.

Earlier on the same day McWilliam was spotted driving the stolen car from a home in Timperley.

The 25-year-old then changed its plates in Wythenshawe, before he set off driving on the M6.

Video footage shows McWilliam ramming the stolen BMW into an unmarked police car (Image: GMP)
GMP officers followed the car covertly and planned to stop McWilliam at the services.But McWilliam refused to pull over and rammed the BMW into a police car.He then tried to force his way onto the wrong side of the M6. Police managed to stop McWilliam and he was arrested after he attempted to flee from the car.
McWilliam is seen running away from the car in a bid to escape the police (Image: GMP)
…but officers quickly catch up with him (Image: GMP)

McWilliam was found guilty following a three day trial at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

He was sentenced to three years in prison for handling stolen property and one year for dangerous driving, to run concurrently.

Drew McWilliam, 25, was jailed for three years after ramming a police car (Image: GMP)

Sgt Andrew Torkington of GMP’s Specialist Operations Team, said: “McWilliam, in his reckless driving, was a risk to himself, our officers and the public, I can only imagine the damage that could have been caused if he’d carried on.

“Our team of dedicated and highly trained officers work around the clock to put a stop to those who evade the law and put others’ lives in danger.

“We are busier than ever, targeting people like McWilliam in order to secure the appropriate sentences for their crime.”

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